In 2011, the Greens joined with hundreds of scientists in the Discoveries Need Dollars campaign to successfully fight cuts to the health and medical research budget. In 2013, the Greens secured the support of Parliament for a motion to protect health and medical research, after which Tony Abbott promised not to make cuts.


Unfortunately the then Labor Government announced nearly $500 million in cuts to the Strategic Research Excellence budget, as well as other cuts to university funding. The Greens, working closely with university staff and others, campaigned to reverse Labor's plan to cut university funding and blocked the cuts from passing Parliament.


Now, Tony Abbott and the Coalition Government have cut research, science and innovation investment to a 30-year low. They have scrapped the role of Science Minister -- moves that only hurt Australia’s future and accelerate the brain drain of our talented scientists overseas. The Greens believe this is counter-productive and against the country’s long-term interests. We have a comprehensive policy to boost research funding and improve support and career pathways for Australia's researchers, which we took to the last election. We know that all forms of research need support, including curiosity-driven research that drives innovation.


Right now, we must continue our campaign to protect and respect research.


Adam Bandt is the Greens spokesperson on science, research, innovation and industry and has a long standing commitment to research. The Greens believe that strong support for basic and applied research is fundamental to the country's future. We have launched the Respect Research campaign to protect research from Budget cuts and grow public support for research in the long term. Your help will be fundamental in protecting Australian research funding.

Join the campaign to show your support for research.