New Principles of Research Launched

Australian Greens Deputy Leader and spokesperson on Science, Innovation and Industry Adam Bandt MP has released 6 principles for the campaign to Respect Research ahead of the upcoming forum in Melbourne.

These principles will underpin the future approach of the Respect Research campaign.

The 6 Principles to Respect Research

1. Respect   Australia must recognise the importance of research as fundamental to our country’s health and prosperity. Research is critical to our future as we shift to a new, clean economy based on innovation, low pollution and high skills.

2. Funding   Governments must support planned, stable and appropriate investment in research over the long term. This is essential if we are to tackle the complex problems facing Australia and embrace the resulting opportunities. Australia must lift its total spending on research and development to 3% of GDP, a target also set by the United States.

3. Building and Maintaining   To ensure we attract and keep the best researchers we must offer appropriate conditions. Governments must set a stable and sustainable funding framework for infrastructure. Secure career pathways, stable funding arrangements, and appropriate facilities are essential.

4. Industry Links   There must be clear and reliable policy incentives to help forge collaborations between industry and research. Governments must also create an environment which encourages industry to invest more in research.

5. Independence   Academic independence must be respected. The government needs to respect the process of peer-review and expert recommendations.

6. Education   Securing our future by ensuring children get a better understanding of science and research at school is vital. This has further importance as we shift to a new, clean economy with high skilled jobs.

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